MBK Security is a UAE based Security Company located in Abu Dhabi providing comprehensive and tailored protective services. A local company, with a mission to provide quality security solutions to businesses of any size in UAE. We provide local guards and local support to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. When it comes to manned guarding, it is all about people.

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MBK Security has a direct and simple approach to its operational Values & Ideology. MBK is a security solutions business driving value by applying innovative solutions.


To be the most professional security solution leaders in the industry by exceeding  customer’s expectations.


To critically assess all potential client sites and provide a complete security solution packages with high quality guarding services tailored to each client’s individual requirements.

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Trained, Professional & Reliable Manned Security
Having a security guard on duty is a proven method to discourage trespassers. The physical presence of manned security can deter thieves, vandals or trespassers where alternative unmanned security methods including CCTV, alarms or security doors would not. If there is ever an incident or breach of premises, onsite manned guards can respond instantaneously. Individuals that are looking to cause an issue with your staff members or facilities can be detained more quickly; therefore the impact of these incidents can be minimized.
MBK’s Highly Trained, PSBD Licensed Officers
MBK’s highly-qualified, trained and PSBD licensed officers can be deployed anywhere across the UAE and will more than capably tend to the protection of your premises and people. Our manned guarding solutions are completely customizable and can be intertwined with our other services. Whatever your specific needs may be; whether you need a construction site guarded, or looking to minimize theft at a shopping center or require front of house security guards, MBK have you covered. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to provide high quality, tailored and cost-effective security solutions for all of our clients.


  • Pre-Deployment Training
  • Selection Process & Criteria

We strongly believe that quality of service begins with recruitment. Our aim is to go beyond the minimal requirements of the PSCOD and DPS. All our guards must have minimum of two years’ experience in the fields of Security, Armed Forces or Police. We do not believe in the practice of outsourcing the selection of our guards. All guards are interviewed and selected by our own management to ensure the quality of candidates. MBK Security employs its own permanent Training & Quality Managers who are responsible for the selection and training of all its guards.

Pre-deployment training is a significant part of our recruitment process as it ensures that all of our candidates are fully aware of every aspect related to their new role and living environment. The training is syllabus-based and covers the current PSCOD and DPS requirements. For CCTV Surveillance specialist, we ensure that all our CCTV operators are well Trained and well versed with UAE regulations of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 standards. In addition, we also make sure that our candidates observe UAE Culture, Life in UAE, Equality, Diversity, Accommodation Rules & Regulations, Places of Worship and Locations, Cost of Living in UAE.

Time and effort spent on the initial training and preparing of our guards with knowledge, motivation and experience, ensures we exceed our clients’ expectations. This approach ensures that we provide the highest quality of guards available in the UAE. Upon completion of our internal selection process, selected candidates will be considered for an employment process based on the following criteria & conditions:

  1. Selected candidate(s) will be required to attend MBK's in-house training programme.
  2. Upon completion of the in-house training programme, all selected candidate(s) will attend one week government training course which is followed by a written exam.
  3. Candidate(s) must pass the written exam in order to achieve the government license.
  4. All successful candidate(s) will be given  offer of employment in the UAE from MBK Security Services after successful completion of government licensing criteria.
  5. Once the Security Guard License is issued to the successful candidate(s), MBK Security will deploy the candidate(s) on client‘s site as security guard on duty.
Our Training is broken down into two main areas:
Induction Training & Personal Development Training
The Induction Training
This involves on-site training at a customer’s premises. This training is given to every new recruit including those transferred. In addition, all recruits undertake our Personal Presentation & Grooming Course.
This provides tips, general advice and instructions on all areas of grooming and attitude. We build our customer’s specific requirements into the course if they differ from our general practices.
Personal Development Training
We believe that our Personal Development Training plays a key role in allowing our staff to deliver exceptional customer service, while inspiring them to go beyond the expected. Personal Development Training focuses on personal and career development of the staff, offers initiatives that are designed to enhance knowledge and skills, involves Senior members of the company who provide their expertise and guidance to encourage a positive ‘can do’ attitude!

Certifications & Credentials

Our certifications and training credentials ensure the highest standards in customer service, employee relations, and employee training. Please Note: All of  our Certificates that are expired will be replaced soon on our site once they are renewed by the concerned issuing Authorities of UAE & other Corporate Organizations for Certifications.